Scientists develop Super Mouse

From article in The Rediff News Bureau:

November 02, 2007 13:29 IST

“Before Super Man comes the Super Mouse!American scientists have created a genetically modified ‘super mouse’ that boasts of astounding physical capabilities.The mouse can run for almost four miles at a steady speed of 20 metres per minute, without stopping for five hours or more.Not impressed?Let’s put it in human terms, then. Imagine cycling at speed up the Swiss Alps without a halt. This is the equivalent of what the super mouse does.”“…The genetically modified mouse eats up to 60 per cent more food than the normal rodent � but it doesn’t add a single ounce to its body weight.”“American scientists now have a breeding colony of 500 of such mice.”

“The super mouse was created as a result of a standard genetic modification to a metabolism gene mice share with humans. This gene is involved in glucose metabolism and, when altered, leads to efficient use of body fat for producing more energy. Usually, when this happens, there’s a build-up of lactic acid in the body, leading to muscle cramps which athletes know all about, but the genetically modified mice are immune to this.”

“…Richard Hanson, professor of biochemistry at Case Western Reserve University at Cleveland, Ohio, who led a 15-strong team of researchers, likened the super mice to Lance Armstrong cycling up the Pyrenees…”

“…’We humans have exactly the same gene, but it’s not something you’d do to a human. We do not think this mouse model is an appropriate one for human gene therapy, it would not be ethical to even try.”

For article see: Super Mouse


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